Corporate Team-Building
& Private Events

Create memories for your team with an UNFORGETTABLE experience!


Party Package
Custom pricing!
  • Up to 12 Participants at a time (additional players can take turns)
  • 2 hours+ - unlimited games
  • 🎉 🎂 Full private venue with party area, tables and chairs provided
  • 🍕 4 large pizzas from Deco Pizzeria
  • 🥤 12 Prime Hydration drinks
  • You can bring extra food, drinks, and party decorations
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Team Building

There is no better way for your team to build a bond than to complete a challenging quest as a team. Jacked-In VR is the perfect way to create a memorable experience that will get your team working together and collaborating in an entertaining and engaging setting. Create an event that your team will never forget.

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