What is Jacked‑In VR?

A virtual adventure with friends that you will never forget!
Adults doing corporate team building exercises with fun virtual reality games at Jacked-In VR San Antonio.

Let your inner hero free!

Ever dreamed of going on adventures? Yeah, us too!

Jacked-In VR is a hyperreal Virtual Reality experience that allows you to go on adventures that are simply not possible in real life.

Instead of doing the same old stuff with your friends, Jacked-In VR allows you to team up with friends and enter into a movie or a video game. Your real body becomes your virtual body, allowing you to become the protagonist of the story.

Gear up with the latest in VR technology!

You probably have heard of virtual reality before. But you have never experienced VR the way it is meant to be!

Virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Quest are limited to content that is meant to be consumed in a home environment. That means that the content isn't able to make use of cutting-edge technology.

Jacked-In VR uses a collection of the most advanced VR tech to fully immerse you in your quest, like:

- Full-Body motion trackers
- 4K wide-view headsets
- Haptic-feedback vests

Six virtual reality players having fun doing the best team building activities in San Antonio at Jacked-In VR San Antonio.
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Experience VR the way it was meant to be

Many people have been disappointed by the lackluster "metaverse" that big-tech companies have been promising. Experiencing VR in a home environment means you will need bulky computers and have a limited area to move in with pesky wires tripping you up. Ultimately, these road blocks prevent you from becoming fully immersed in the virtual worlds that we have been promised.

Instead, at Jacked-In VR you will enter a wire-free environment that is totally open for you and your friends to move about in freely. Your friends show up in virtual space as avatars and your body becomes the controller for your avatar. From there, you will be able to experience premium gaming and cinematic content in a way you never have before. You will battle against bosses the size of buildings, engage in hand-to-hand combat with life-size enemies, and get into shoot outs where it is shoot or be shot.

Jacked-In VR allows you to play with up to 8 people per play area in a 40' x 20' free-roam environment. Get ready for an experience that will change your life!

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